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a cook in the making

Cooking is an art!

You agree with me. I am sure you do. Everything has to be in the right proportions. For a good cook, the journey begins from the point you buy something. Good and fresh food items and then process them (or minimize processing) in the right way, so that the food you cook comes out to be amazing. I do not know if it is the true definition of a cook or not. But, it is for sure my definition of ‘cooking’.

Believe it or not, if you enjoy each step through this whole process, then what you will eat will be a whole lot different. I am not an awesome cook by any standards, but I do admire it. Because I find this whole process to be very fascinating. Just imagine what happens when you see someone having that bite and they go – WOW! Is this not fine workmanship?

So, the whole idea of this website is not to make you an awesome cook rather guide you to understand the whole process of cooking, eating and remaining healthy from a ‘holistic stand point’. You will find that I lean towards a vegetarian diet and ‘veganism‘. But that does not mean that I ignore other food habits. I am not a perfect vegetarian. I have realized transitioning from one kind of life style to the other is not easy. And it brings a huge challenge, in lot of ways.

Like me, if you have been a meat (including fish, egg etc.) eater all your life, then you know for sure how difficult it is to suddenly turn into a vegetarian. I try every day to get better. And, I feel the food we eat plays a huge part on our well being. Yes, not just physical but mental well-being as well.

Welcome, to “A Cook in the Making” – come and explore with me the fun of cooking!