what is the advantage of cast iron cookware

What is the advantage of cast iron cookware?

There are many advantages of cast iron cookware. They are solid, cheap and they last a long time. A well-seasoned cast iron cookware is naturally non-stick. Therefore you can cook with less oil and it will boost your iron intake. It is easy to clean and maintain them. Also, they are not coated with harmful toxic materials.

Cast iron can retain heat for a long time, compared to other materials. So, if you keep your food in a cast iron cookware, it will remain hot naturally for a longer period of time.

Because it is made out of iron it adds iron to your food. So that can supplement your iron in-take. Interesting thing about cast iron pots, pans and skillet is that, the more you cook the better it gets.

The more you cook, the more seasoned it gets. Because a stick-resistant coating is created by polymerized oils and fats. So, it important to make sure you clean it properly and do not leave any residue.

You can cook different types of food with cast iron cookware. If you have never used cast iron utensils before you’ll need some time to get used to it though. I love the solid feel of it, and you will love it as well with time.

What is the disadvantage of cast iron cookware?

Since it is made of solid cast iron, and it is a solid one piece item, you have to be very careful with the handles. They can get very hot. Therefore you have to use a good pair of oven mittens.

Also, if you keep your food in the pan, make sure you do not touch it, as it can remain hot for a long time. They are heavy, so you have to be extra careful while cooking and handing. It is the weight of the pan plus the food in it.

Do not boil water with a cast iron pan or pot because it will rust. While washing a cast iron pan, allow it to cool down first. Because if you pour cold water on a hot cast iron pan, it will cause it to crack.

So, there are few things that you have to bear in mind while using these beautiful cookware.

How much iron from cast iron skillet?

In one case study, it was found that cooking food using cast iron cookware increased its iron content by 16.2 compared to those cooked in Teflon coated non-stick pots.

Can you get too much iron from cast iron pans?

Yes, you can get too much iron from cooking using a cast iron pan, which may exceed your daily dietary intake. Acidic food will result in much more leaching. A seasoned cast iron pan will leach less iron compared to a brand new one.

How to wash a cast iron pan?

First wipe the interior of the cast iron pan with paper towels and remove any excess food and oil that is stuck to the pan. Try to do it when the pan is still warm. Be careful not to do it while it is hot.

Use a good scrubber to give it a good wife and clean it. Now, rinse with warm running water to clean it while scrubbing it at the same time. So, that it is nice and clean. Do not use hard metal brush. You can use small amount of soap and rinse it with warm running water. It will remove any greasy stuff.

Try not to keep food in the cast iron pan for a long time, because it will become difficult to clean.

Is soap bad for cast iron?

No soap is not bad for washing a cast iron pan. I use it all the time. Some people think that soap will damage or wash away the seasoning in cast iron. That’s the reason they do not want to wash cast iron pans with soap.

But, that’s not true.

Soap does remove dirt and oil. But, a cast iron pan will still retain whatever oil it needs to retain. The best way to know this is to try it out. I think if you do not use soap after a while it will become too sticky and start smelling. But, do not take my word for granted try it out.

Can you use vinegar to clean cast iron?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean cast iron pan or skillet. Mix 50/50 water and vinegar, and put that mix in the pan, and leave it for about 5/6 hours. Then, gently rub it with a scrubber to get rid of any rust formation.

But, if you regularly clean your cast iron pan, then you will not have rust on it. Just make sure you clean it right away as suggested above, and you will be fine.

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